What makes us stand out.

We have earned the reputation for manufacturing high quality rubber products. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence for every project, coupled with our experience and knowledge of the industries we serve, ensure that your rubber products will meet or exceed your expectations.



Products coming from recycling and the primary production Virgin.

We use SBR and EPDM granules for manufacturing of our molded products.

Cutting-edge machine park

Thanks to modern machines produced by renowned European companies, we are able to provide better quality of our materials and precise cutting.

High -quality products

Our production is based only on high quality components coming from European countries for which we provide quality certificates.


Our products.

01Fitness flooring

Adequately selected and matched sports floors ensure safety and training comfort. Our floors are perfect for gyms, fitness gyms and crossfit halls.

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02 Training Bumpers

We offer training bumpers. Thanks to their construction, they are more and more often replacing traditional cast-iron bumpers. Rubber granulates used in production of bumpers protect from vibration and noise while falling.

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03 Qmats

The product was created as an alternative to existing foundations and floors that does not provide final comfort for the user. We are talking here about foundations for heavy equipment, weights, mats for meditation, yoga and other sports activities.

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04 Rubber cobble

Anti-skidding and shock-absorbing cobble is used where the hazard of falling increases and the priority is the highest safety standards.

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05 SBR dyed granulates

Used on sporting surfaces, safe children’s playgrounds and in gardening.

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06 Animal mats

Thanks to a lot of their advantages, animal mats are an ideal alternative for traditional floors. Some of the advantages such as safety and easy maintenance plead in favour for using our mats in animal breeding.

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