About us.

EWMET was established at the beginning of the year 2000 as a sorting department of secondary raw materials and recyclable materials. The head office is located in Wolbrom. Our main operation was to offer services for enterprises producing waste which came from production and supplying activities. This cooperation was based on first picking up the waste then sorting and finally passing to recycling companies.

Then in 2006 the production of rubber granulates was initiated. They were obtained from clean past-production wastes and used as synthetic grass. Thanks to that technology we participated successfully in governmental programs called ”ORLIK 2012” till the middle of 2012 when it was over.

Due to the fact that we terminated the production of rubber granulates, every next manufacturing of rubber products is based exclusively on granulates we purchase i.e. SBR granulates from tire recycling and EPDM granulates from its primary production mixed with high-quality polyurethane binder.

Another professional challenge for EWMET was the participation in the next governmental program called ”RADOSNA SZKOŁA”. Our part in this enterprise was based on mass production of a wide range of flexible surfaces used in playgrounds. They provide cushioning of children’s falls. The production of these surfaces continues to the present day.

At the beginning of 2013 we started with the production of a wide range of products used in the sports construction industry ( plus its facilities ), the farming industry, vibration isolation, general construction works and other industries and we have been into this production since then.

What makes us stand out.

Products coming from recycling and the primary production Virgin.

We use SBR and EPDM granules for manufacturing of our molded products.

Cutting-edge machine park

Thanks to modern machines produced by renowned European companies, we are able to provide better quality of our materials and precise cutting.

High -quality products

Our production is based only on high quality components coming from European countries for which we provide quality certificates.