Animal mats.

Thanks to a lot of their advantages, animal mats are an ideal alternative for traditional floors. Some of the advantages such as safety and easy maintenance plead in favour for using our mats in animal breeding.


Animal buildings

Animal boxes

Animal enclosures and paddocks



Vibration isolation


Noise abatement


Taking advantage of our experience with safety surfaces production, our company undertook another challenge i.e. animal mats manufacturing. Due to high-quality components and well-prepared production technique we have obtained a very good quality product.

Our safety mats are produced from SBR granulates which means they fully pass water through. They provide ideal flooring for animals. They protect animal limbs from bacteria as they work as a barrier between the cold concrete surface and the animal’s body. Their great anti-skidding benefit additionally ensures safety and comfort, both for animals and breeders/farmers.

Animal mats are first of all hygienic, they don’t collect dust, are easily maintained, they don’t decay or corrode. This innovative method allows efficiently move the wastes to the sewer and creates something called ‘a chocolate bar’ with air spaces between the surface and the rubber plate.

Precision in accomplshment and their weight – guarantee full firmness, safety and long-lasting usage. Thanks to animal mats everyday chores in the animal buildings will become much simpler. We recommend rinse mats with water with high pressure once a week to provide the flow of wastes to the sewer.


  • 500x500x30 mm – squares
  • 500x500x40 mm – squares
  • 500x500x50 mm – squares
  • 500x500x60 mm – squares
  • 500x500x70 mm – squares
  • 500x500x80 mm – squares

Animal mats

Used in places such as corridors, halls, boxes, enclosures, paddocks, etc.

Shape:a square or a puzzle
Dimensions:a square – 500/500, 1000/1000 mm or a puzzle 160/200 mm
Thickness:a square – 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 mm or a cobbles 160×200 mm
Colour:black, red, green, grey, mosaic
Animal mats