Fitness flooring.

Adequately selected and matched sports floors ensure safety and training comfort. Our floors are perfect for gyms, fitness gyms and crossfit halls.


Fitness gyms

Crossfit gyms

Cardio zones

Weight-lifting areas




Vibration isolation


Noise abatement



Our sports floors are produced from appropriate granulates fraction in the hot technology. In connection with high production requirements, they meet extremely high technical parameters.

Thanks to modern cutting technology and high pressure during hot forming, we achieve 100% repeatability of shape and thickness.

Fitness flooring (a puzzle, a square)

Used in gyms, fitness gyms, crossfit gyms, etc. as sporting flooring.

Shape:a puzzle, a square, corner plates, side plates
Dimensions:1000/1000 mm
Thickness:from 4 to 50 mm, with accuracy to 1 mm
Colour:black, dyed, or mosaic
Fitness flooring (a puzzle, a square)

Sports flooring – a roll

Used in fitness gyms, crossfitness gyms, cardio zones or similar as fitness flooring.

Thickness:from 2 to 12 mm
Lenght:according to the customer’s specification
Width:up to 1200 mm
Density:from 600 to 1400 KG/M3
Colour:black, mosaic or full EPDM
Sports flooring – a roll

Sports flooring – daises (a square)

Applied in gyms as floor in the weight lifting zones.

Dimensions:500 / 500 mm
Thickeness:35, 45, 60 mm
Colour:black, dyed, or mosaic
Sports flooring – daises (a square)